Project 3 – Unifi Installation and order Tracking System

Operating System:Windows Server 2008
Database: Mysql
Client:AG Kenanga Enterprise Sdn. Bhd (TM Unifi Contractor)

This system is developed for one of TM main contractor for Unifi works in Malaysia. Unifi Order Management System developed primarily for recording and tracking work orders that being done by workers in doing Unifi installation across Klang Valley. Other than that it is also being used in payroll system, where at the end of the month, the system will record all successful installation and deduct all necessary costs such as tools and equipments, perishables such as microducts and training cost to each individual contractor. In terms of order management, the system will automatically send E-mails to Unifi Installers for each work order everyday to ensure smooth operation.In terms of technical specifications, this system is developed using and is using mysql as a method in storing database. This system runs on Windows server 2008 across the network.