Project 2 – 1bestarinet infrastructure

Project Name: 1bestarinet (Kementerian Pendidikan Malaysia)
Client: Syarikat Pembinaan YTL Berhad
Project Duration: 2016-2019

The 1BestariNet project, implemented by YTL Communications, was an initiative in Malaysia aimed at providing high-speed internet connectivity to schools across the country. It was part of the government’s efforts to enhance digital learning and bridge the digital divide among students.

The project involved the deployment of a nationwide 4G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of educational institutions. The network infrastructure provided reliable and high-speed internet connectivity to schools, enabling teachers and students to access a wide range of educational resources and online tools.

Under the 1BestariNet project, each school was equipped with a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) platform known as the Frog VLE. This platform served as a centralized hub for educational content, communication, and collaboration. It allowed teachers to create and share lesson materials, assignments, and interactive learning resources. Students could access these resources, complete assignments, and communicate with their teachers through the platform.

To ensure comprehensive coverage, YTL Communications implemented a robust network infrastructure across the country, including both urban and rural areas. The project aimed to provide equal access to high-quality education by connecting schools in remote and underserved locations.

NVDS is involved in this project by design and facilitating fiber optic layout from tower to school and provides wireless coverage throughout common areas like computer labs, teachers rooms, halls and classes.