CCTV /IP-CCTV Surveillance systems

In today’s challenging world, security is an important issue in any organization, people takes security seriously in either to store important or sensitive information or possessions and objects. Employer nowadays uses technology particularly in surveillance system in either as a security tool as well as to monitor their staffs’ activities. At NVDS, we provide a wide selection of CCTV (Closed –circuit television) models which caters to small, medium or big organizations.

IP-camera (network camera) is a new technology that allows camera capture contents to be transmitted via Ethernet network so that can send and receive data via a computer network (WAN/LAN) and the Internet. One major advantage of this technology is it offers higher resolution imaging as well as it also capable of accepting 2 way audio signals which is useful when you want to communicate with the other party externally. Apart from that, we also can enhance this technology to accept VOIP calls with advance or high end devices.

In addition, we also offer CCTV solution to not only within organizations but also in entire region, district or constituency which normally serve as traffic supervision, crowd monitoring as well for governmental use. Our partnership with AIRAYA technology offers widest coverage and extensive range of products with competitive pricing.