Jomz Wifi Vending Solution

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Jomz Wifi is a standalone Wifi Internet Kiosk that provides fee-based Wifi solutions for all proprietors which in turn, it will provide high bandwidth internet connectivity to their customers. This system works best with the existing fiber optic to provide high speed internet (Up to 100mbps, minimum 20mbps).

We came to this idea when we were doing Internet accessibility and satisfactory study on Malaysian Public. The study shows that there are growing demands of Malaysians wanting to access to no frills, ready to go high speed internet service at a nominal cost. NVDS Technology Sdn Bhd as a company, which is an expert in high speed broadband technologies in Malaysia, we feel that it is our public duty to fulfill our role in helping the public as well as the government by not only in increasing broadband access and connectivity, but also on maintaining the service quality to achieve desirable standard similar to developed nations.

Jomz Wifi kiosk comprises of user friendly interface and can be operated just about anyone. From the outside view; the kiosk structure includes wireless antenna, RM Notes collector, thermal printer and two select buttons which features print and language options.  To use the Wi-Fi service, users first need to select the correct RM bill according to the desired time duration. Next, the user  will input RM notes to the bill acceptor slot and the system will produce a ticket with detailed account information such as the Wireless Name, Wi Fi login id and WiFI password.  User then can enjoy high speed internet service until their purchased time is up. Then, when the paid time elapses, Internet access is automatically disconnected and the account particulars will be deleted from our system.

Customers privacy and confidentiality is the upmost important for us. We will ensure customer’s confidentiality is intact by not keeping any of their browsing histories, credit card records or passwords anywhere in the system. The device will automatically erase user’s details after each session.

For more information, feel free to visit Jomz Wifi website.